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Volume 8(1) Jun 2004
Original Articles
Clinical Investigations
One Year Long-term Evaluation of Tamsulosin HCl(0.2 mg) in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Suggestive of Benign Prostatic Obstruction: Analysis of a Korean, Multicenter, Single-Blind Study.
Choal Hee Park, Hyuk Soo Chang, Bong Ryul Oh, Hyung Jee Kim, Chong Koo Sul, Sung Kwang Chung, Ce Il Chong
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):1-8.   Published online 2004 June 30
Holmium:YAG Laser Coagulation in the Female Patients of Voiding Symptom with Pseudomembranous Trigonitis.
Kun Chul Lee, Joon Seong Jeon, In Rae Cho
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):9-13.   Published online 2004 June 30
Female Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Clinical Characteristics, Urodynamic Findings, and Treatment Responses.
Jin Ho Choe, Sang Jin Kim, Kyu Sung Lee
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):14-19.   Published online 2004 June 30
Urodynamic Analysis of Men with Normal Prostate Less Than 20 gm Combined with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.
Young Joo Kim, Ji Hyun Lee, Jung Sik Huh
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):20-25.   Published online 2004 June 30
Changes of Voiding Methods in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury.
Jeong Hwan Seo, Kwan Min Kim, Myoung Hwan Ko, Seung Yong Na
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):26-30.   Published online 2004 June 30
Relationship between Parameters of Perineal Ultrasonography and Severity of Symptom in Genuine Stress Urinary Incontinence Patients.
Young Ha Cho, Dae Gon Kim, Young Jin Seo
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):31-34.   Published online 2004 June 30
Incidence of Concomitant Procedures for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Reconstruction in Women Who Undergo Sling Operation for Stress Urinary Incontinence.
Jong Bouk Lee, Woong Na, Jong Ryul Lim, Chong Won Bak, Min Ho Choi
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):35-37.   Published online 2004 June 30
The Temperature Differences among the Three Urethral Portions (Distal, Middle & Proximal) and Bladder in Incontinent Women.
Jun Sung Koh, Ji Youl Lee, Soon Young Paik, Soon Hong Yuk, Jin Ho Lee, Sung Ho Ghil, Sang Sub Lee
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):38-41.   Published online 2004 June 30
4 Cases with Complications Necessitating Surgical Correction of Tension- Free Vaginal Tape Procedure in Female Stress Urinary Incontinence.
Hwan Kim, Yong Beom Jeong, Young Kyung Park
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):42-44.   Published online 2004 June 30
Surgical Treatment for Long Term Urethral Obstruction after Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Procedure.
Dae Sung Cho, Yong Yeun Won, Kyoung Sik Seo, Min Kyu Choi, Jong Bo Choi, Young Soo Kim
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):45-47.   Published online 2004 June 30
Case Report
Female Urethral Prolapse Treated by Simple Ligation over a Foley Catheter: A Case Report.
Dong Hwan Lee, Noh Sung Seok, Jae Suk Yoo, Hong Jin Suh
J Korean Continence Soc. 2004;8(1):48-50.   Published online 2004 June 30

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